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We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.  In order for this to be possible, it is crucial that our weekly process is not interrupted.

To help you better understand this process, we have listed a day by day explanation of what we do and how you can help us deliver your order in a timely manner.


     We end each week getting prepared for the following week. We try to get a head start and talk to some of our customer on Friday to see if they are going to need us the following week and where. If possible, we like to receive some orders on Friday. However, for the customers who are not ready for us on Friday and are working through the weekend, we ask that you verify your stock needs and call us no later than Sunday with your order.


     ORDERS!!!  All of the sales people are available on Sundays. We typically start taking orders around 10 AM and like to have all of our order in by 5 PM. It is CRITICAL that we receive your order on Sundays as we put all of our routing together on Sunday evenings. If we do not have your order by this time, it may result in us having to reroute an entire truck.


     Each Monday morning begins with a route meeting. During this meeting we discuss when our trucks are leaving, which driver is taking the deliveries, when each customer opens, when each customer is going to be at their location, when we anticipate our trucks reaching each customer and if we are going to be short any products. After our meeting, we take that information and begin scheduling our deliveries. In scheduling these deliveries we must take into consideration many factors.

     1.) When is our customer arriving at this location? – We cannot get to a location before the customers arrive or additional arrangements have been made for an authorized person to pick up product.

     2.) When do you open? – We do our very best to get to each customer before their event opens.

     3.) How long will it take my driver to get from point A to point B? – This information is essential in letting the customer know an estimated delivery time.

     4.) Is there a time change? – this is also important to estimating a delivery time.

     5.) About how long will it take the driver to unload at each location? – If, for any reason, the driver gets held up at one delivery, it will put him behind during the rest of his route. Therefore, it is VERY important that the customer is ready for the driver when he arrives.

     After we get answers to all of these questions, we then call each customer and give them an estimated delivery day and time. After verifying each order, we finalize our paperwork and ship out the trucks.

     Add-on’s: Our trucks are loaded backwards, if you will. The last order on the back of the truck is the first order to be delivered. If your stop is last in our routing, it is at the very front of the truck, ahead of all of the other orders. Therefore, once a truck is picked and loaded, it is extremely difficult to add on to it without unloading the truck.

     Our trucks leave out every Monday, typically in the afternoon, but occasionally we do have trucks leave as early as Sunday evening. This is another reason why it is extremely important to have your order as early as possible on Sunday.

Tuesdays - Thursdays:

     Our drivers are typically delivering Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and occasionally Fridays. While our drivers are on the road, we are in constant contact with them. We always know where they are and if they are running on schedule. If we see that there may be a problem, we try to contact all customers involved and inform them of any changes.

     If there are any other issues during deliveries, our drivers contact us and we try to fix the problem accordingly. Thank you for taking the time to learn how our week works here at Fare Foods. We hope you now have a better understanding of how critical it is for us to receive all orders as early as possible on Sundays (or earlier) so we can get our trucks to you on time and with all of your products.

Estimated Delivery Day Map
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